The Society of Pius IX

Who we are

A message from the Board of Directors of the Society of Pius IX

We are a group of clergy who have had enough.

We have had enough of bishops deposing faithful clergy without due process.

We have had enough of bishops imposing novelties contrary to Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition.

We have had enough of bishops acting like tyrants and violating canons with impunity.

We have had enough of bishops that ordain men who do not meet the Apostolic and Scriptural standards.

We have had enough of spending untold thousands and millions of dollars on bishops who do nothing for the people of God.

We have had enough of bishops who make themselves masters over their flocks instead of fulfilling their calling to be servants of the servants of God.

We have had enough of bishops who, called to be shepherds, turn out to be wolves.

If you have had enough, you are welcome to contact us.

You don't have to do this any more. You can escape the abusive diocesan system.

Until these corrupt bishops repent and become true shepherds to their people, we are renouncing the diocesan system and returning to the monastic structure of the English church of the 5th and 6th centuries.

In support of this return to the monastic model of Church organization:

"You know, my brother, the custom of the Roman church in which you remember you were bred up. But it pleases me, that if you have found anything, either in the Roman, or the Gallican, or any other church, which may be more acceptable to Almighty God, you carefully make choice of the same, and sedulously teach the church of the English, which as yet is new ln the faith, whatsoever you can gather from the several churches. For things are not to be loved for the sake of places, but places for the sake of good things. Choose, therefore, from every church those things that are pious, religious, and upright, and when you have, as it were, made them up into one body, let the minds of the English be accustomed thereto."
Pope St. Gregory the Great., in The Venerable Bede
, Ecclesiastical History, Bk. I, Ch. XXVII.

Your servants in Christ,

Father Richard P. Cumming, OCR, Rector, Society of Pius IX

Father Michael J. Kline, OCR, Auxiliary Bishop, Society of Pius IX

Father Boltoph Nelson, OSB, OCR, Prior,
The Brothers of St. Benedict Bethlehem Priory, Pennsylvania

Father Deacon John Woloszyn, OCR